10x time and cost effective. Take advantage of our Mobile Marketing Features.
Build a long-term relantionship with your customer.

$35 /monthly
20 # Orders
1 K # SKUs
4hs Catalog Sync
4 Landing Page
Standard Template
4 Push Notifications /m
72hs Chat Support
User Consultations
Account Manager
Advanced Templates
Empezar Ahora
$69 /monthly
100 # Orders
3 K # SKUs
2hs Catalog Sync
4 Landing Page
Standard Template
10 Push Notifications /m
48hs Chat Support
User Consultations
Account Manager
Advanced Templates
Empezar Ahora
$199 /monthly
300 # Orders
5 K # SKUs
1hs Catalog Sync
4 Landing Page
Standard Template
15 Push Notifications /m
24hs Chat Support
User Consultations
Account Manager
Advanced Templates
Empezar Ahora
$499 /monthly
1 K # Orders
20 K # SKUs
0.5hs Catalog Sync
4 Landing Page
Standard Template
Push Notifications /m
3hs Chat Support
User Consultations
Account Manager
Advanced Templates
Empezar Ahora
Plans are in US dollars and without taxes.
More plans and discounts for first-time stores. Contact us for more details.


Initial Setup
We do everything for you.
Registration, Activaction and Publication of your APPs.
Advanced Templates
Templates for your industry
Add a templated advanced made for your industry.
Custom Design
Ideal design.
From scratch we create a template for you.
Marketing Mobile
Improve customer retention.
Strategy and Management to increase mobile visits, downloads and sales.
Upgrade Orders
Extra 1.000 orders.
Upgrade SKU
Extra 10.000 SKU.



How can an app assist my business?
Smartphones have changed the way consumers buy. Smartphone users are action-oriented searchers: they search the web to make a decision and act (news, restaurant, navigation, entertainment, shopping, others): 85% of smartphone owners investigate products or services on their device Before you buy and 25% have made a purchase from your phone.
                    Between 50% and 70% of the traffic of users that are currently entering your online store comes from mobile . What does this mean? Of every 100 people who enter the site, between 50 and 70 of them are from their phones or tablets.
                    According to comScore, in 2015, mobile devices accounted for 60% of the internet use.
                    From this data, it is evident that more and more businesses choose to lean towards this option with the knowledge that an effective mobile strategy does not reach only with a mobile web site.
                    It's the goal of CLINC! Helping large and mid-sized companies create successful shopping experiences from mobile points.
What benefits does CLINC give me!?
                    CLINK! Is the online platform that allows marketers to create their android and ios apps in a few minutes and without technical knowledge.

Software as a Service

                    CLINC! Is a SAAS platform, ie Software as a Service. This means that the service we provide is in the cloud and the client does not take care of maintenance, hosting, updating apps, but can focus on your business and let us provide mobile points of sale.                     
Who will download my app?
                     Today there are over 1 billion APPs uploaded to AppStore and PlayStore, and 70% of the time spent on smartphones is spent on apps. Interesting not?
                    An app has unique benefits that are quickly visualized in business improvements. Users are looking for a better experience and it is the shop's responsibility to be present where they are looking for it.

                    The important thing is that you offer more value to your users who buy from the app. For example: Exclusive products, Promotions, Free shipping, Exclusive lines and much more. Also, remember that it is not only about downloads, but also that they can access your web app from your browser.
                    Your application is the opportunity to connect with your customers on a personalized and preferential level.

                    The goal is that every time your users visit you from their phones, they can:
                    1. Buy directly, easy, simple and fast
                    2. Save items or promos that interest you to buy later
                    3. Share with friends and acquaintances about offers that you find interesting.

                    An app is customer loyalty. An app is conversion boost. App users convert 55% more than web users thanks to all these benefits!                     
Can I use CLINC! If I do not have eCommerce?
                    We are not yet putting together APPs for stores that do not have an ecommerce platform.                     We suggest that you complete STEP 1 of our registration page so that you are aware of the news. When we have this functionality ready, you will be the first to use it.                     


What do I need to create my app?
An e-commerce platform and want to offer your customers your best mobile point of sale!
How long does it take to create my app?
Minutes! You must fill out a 4-step form indicating your ecommerce information, design preferences and your logo. Ready! Our team of developers will send you an email within 48 hours after confirming that your app is ready to upload. You only have to wait for the approval of the PlayStore and AppStore to start selling with your apps!
How do I get started selling from my app?
                    When users finish choosing the products they are going to buy and are ready to make the payment, one of the most critical processes within the shopping flow in Apps begins: The CHECKOUT process .

                    Why is it critical? Simply because most sales are abandoned in this part of the process and this depends on the experience that the user has and the confidence that this process makes him feel. The better the experience, the higher the conversion rate in sales!                     

                    A good shopping experience for CLINC! Speaks of a professional design, specialized for the behavior of the user at that time and in the appropriate device. The big retailers of the world make different checkouts on each device, ask for different information, make other designs, even use other colors. Comfort and instantaneousness are key points in a Mobile checkout .                     

                    Inside CLINC! The stores have two possible experiences that they can offer buyers:                     

                    1- Use a Checkout Web:
                    Clicking the "Checkout" button in the cart will open a web view within the app that will display the Ecommerce platform Checkout. There, the user can follow the steps to confirm the purchase.
                    Conversion: Medium. The experience is not natural to the operating system, it is necessary to scroll, enlarge and shrink. After each page the open window is refreshed just like on the web.
                    Metrics: Sales only. Do not register mobile buyers.
                    Payment and Shipping Methods: Those chosen on the eCommerce platform, not CLINC !.
                    Stock Management: The order is created on eCommerce and CLINC! Obtains the ID of the order to be able to do a tracking of the same.

                    2- Use the CLINC! Checkout In-App !: Clicking on the "Checkout" button in the cart will open a window that continues with the dynamics and design of the app ready to finalize the purchase in a few steps.
                    -More fluency in data loading
                    - Native integration with MERCADOPAGO
                    -Improve the payment processing experience
                    - Precise User Metrics and In-App Orders
                    Exclusive discounts for mobile customers
                    -Data differentiated data base In-App
                    Conversion: High. The experience is native to the operating system, respects best practices, comfort and
usability to make the purchase quickly.
                    Metrics: Sales and Mobile Buyers.
                    Payment and Shipping Methods: MercadoPago. Shipping methods are manually added.
                    Stock Management: Works as an independent sales channel, such as Facebook or Instagram.                     
What do I do if I need technical support?
We have different contact points so that, once registered, you can receive support whenever you need it in a timely manner.
Can I choose my own design?
Yes! While you are registering you will be able to choose between different templates that best suit your brand.


How much does it cost to create my app?
No initial costs! You will have 30 days of testing to test and refine your App, and then you can choose from 1 of our 4 plans that are paid monthly or annually.
Plans depend on the number of products and the invoicing of the store from mobiles .
                    If you are looking for something more personalized we can help you: Register in CLINC! And request help from your account executive from the Control Panel.
                    If these plans are out of your reach, register yourself and after the test you can evaluate with an account executive how to continue.
Can I unsubscribe at any time?
Yes, communicate from the chat in the control panel through a message indicating the reason for the drop. Casualties must always be requested by the user. That is, at the end of the test, the Store will automatically be enrolled in the Limited Plan unless it chooses to change plans or be de-registered.
How does the plan system work?
Our system of plans is Pre-Paid. You hire the time period, you subscribe and it's ready!
Can I change plans later?
You can go up or down plan at any time without extra cost, although the period you pay can not be refunded. Remember that the plans are aligned with your number of products and store billing.                     You will be notified if you have exceeded the limit amount and you must recategorize.
What is the most effective hiring period?
It is more effective to hire a 6 month or a year plan. The longer you contract, the lower the cost of the plan.
How can I pay for my plan?
You can pay your plan with Credit Card through MercadoPago or by bank transfer from your Management Panel in Argentina. For Latin America you can use PayPal.
What does my plan include?
  1. Android App + App iOS
  3. WebApp
  5. Landing Page and Banner to Power Downloads
  7. Analytics
  9. Access to the Control Panel with Statistics
  11. Personalized Chat Attention. The response time is associated with the plan level.